News Checks

You know the old phrase, "Don't believe everything you read." Well, with the 24-hour news cycle trying to grab ratings and the flood of citizen-created news online, that's truer than ever.

But how do you even begin to get to the truth? These informative sites can help.
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FactCheck - When you need a hot-button issue checked out, where do you go? Most sites have a political bias and skew the facts.

But FactCheck is a neutral site that only discloses the facts. Do you have a question about Obamacare? FactCheck will help you understand the ins and outs of the rumors flying around.

Media Bugs - Does it bother you when news stories report inaccurate or just plain wrong information? Well, there's good news.
This site acts as a mediator between you and the news sites.  You can report your findings and Media Bugs will contact the news site to fix the errors.

Churnalism - Reading through all of those news articles can make everything blur. Didn't you just read that article? Did someone copy from a previous article?
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You can find out which news stories are original and who the copycats are. Enter the URL or the suspicious text and Churnalism will report who wrote what and when.

Snopes - Get the truest scoop on the latest rumors flying around the Internet. What is Miley Cyrus up to now? What is the latest Facebook scam?
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This website cuts through the crud and gives you the real deal. If you have a question about a new rumor, scam or urban legend, Snopes is the site to check.

PolitiFact - Did Obama actually shutter the Amber Alert program due to the government shutdown? Find out the real answer with PolitiFact.

When the local media and Facebook are exploding with political rumor and hearsay, you need a site you can trust to get to the bottom of the issues. See what's hot in the political news and see what's factual, and what's fake.

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